Send a File

Please realize that while e-mailing the file may be easier, the file may not make it to us immediately (or ever).  Some Internet providers limit the size of file attachments or
leave larger attachments in a queue to transmit during off-peak hours.   We recommend using FTP.


If you are using an FTP  program, type in "" for the server host name, and "incoming" for the directory. Leave the username and password blank. (Some programs may require "anonymous" to be typed in for username and your email address for the password, which may be a setting in the preferences).

This screen shot is from Fetch 3.0.3 for the mac.
Each program may use a little different wording or terminology.

FTP  is a quicker method of transferring files than email. It gets around internet providers' e-mail attachment size restrictions.  We do not accept e-mail attachments larger than 5 MB.

  1. place all graphics, fonts, and files in one folder and label appropriately.
  2. compress the folder/file if possible to a .zip, .sit, or .dd (some files will become corrupted in the transfer if they are not compressed)
  3. ask yourself if the compressed file size seems too large. If it is, check your resolution of your images.
  4. choose binary instead of text data transfer method if you have the option
  5. drag and drop, or "put file"


When your FTP is complete, please send an email to with the following information included:

  • The name of your file
  • The file format i.e.. Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Photoshop, Quark, etc.
  • Your name, company, phone number and email address


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